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The Market Your Genius Podcast

Jan 28, 2020

Manifesting Money is not just about meditating or visualizing. In fact, it's about finding the stillness within yourself to identify your next action steps and so much more!


In this episode, I chat with Wellness & Abundance Coach Emily King about how to tackle debt, connect with your intuition, manifest money, and so much more.


Tune In To Discover

- What meditation really is and how to find a method that works best for you

- How to up-level your gratitude journaling

- How your relationship with money impacts your business and what to do when your relationship isn't great.

- What to do when you don't hit your money goals right away.

- How to get yourself out of massive debt using the dollar a day method


To connect with Emily, follow her on Instagram or Facebook at EmilyKingCo or head to her website. 

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