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The Market Your Genius Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

Are you ready to build an online course? A membership? Or maybe even a group program? If you're ready to scale your business through product offerings this episode is for you. Join host Nikki Nash as she speaks with Seema Bharwan about building a kick-butt community.

Feb 15, 2022

Want more dream clients? If you're here to make an impact in the world, you won't want to miss this mini-training! In this episode, Nikki walks you through what it takes to consistently create dream clients in your business. Plus from 2/15/2022 - 2/22/22, there's a special offer for the Genius Profit Lab that you won't...

Feb 8, 2022

Feeling like you're putting in all this effort into your business, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere??? Know that you are not alone! In this episode, host Nikki Nash interviews High-Performance Coach Christina Langdon about getting off the hamster wheel.

Feb 1, 2022

Are you living a life uncommon? A life in alignment with who you are and what you want? If your answer isn't a "heck yeah I am" then this episode is for you. Join me as I interview Psychotherapist and Mindset Coach Mary Bicknell and discover what's holding you back and what to do about it.