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The Market Your Genius Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

Imagine if you only worked with dream clients.

In this episode, join host Nikki Nash in exploring 4 must-haves for building a business where you only work with dream clients.

Inside This Episode of The Market Your Genius Podcast:

0:30 - most people aren't working with dream clients
01:10 - what it really takes to only work with dream clients
03:20 - a sign that someone's not ideal
04:10 - why you need your own dream client criteria
05:02 - the path to working with dream clients
07:24 - identifying signs that someone is not an ideal client
11:56 - the beliefs you need to only attract dream clients
14:55 - things you can believe right now to start attracting dream clients
18:30 - how attracting dream clients is like dating
21:00 - homework

Mentioned In This Episode:

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