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The Market Your Genius Podcast

Dec 30, 2022

Are you ready to have your best business year yet?!?

In this episode, join Nikki as she shares 5 must-haves for making this year of business the best you’ve had to date.

Inside This Episode of The Market Your Genius Podcast:

0:45 - if you want to have an amazing year in your business this is where you start!
01:48 - why a vision for your next 12 months is not enough (and what you also need)
02:12 - a game changing exercise for having a great year in business
03:15 - the mindset you need to support your best year yet
05:20 - an inspiring story
11:03 - how to plan your best year yet
14:00 - how to think about failures you may encounter

Mentioned In This Episode:

I help coaches, consultants, creatives, and service based business owners create marketing strategies and systems to grow their business. If you’re interested in discovering how I can support you in a group and 1:1 setting or if you have a question after listening to this episode, send me a DM online.


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